Historic map of Güines, Havana, Cuba

  • To see the map of Güines in detail, ca. 1960-1966, click on the blue area below.
  • To see the map of Güines' surrounding area, ca. 1943, click on the white area below.
  • To translate between current street numbers and their original names, click here.
  • To see a historical manuscript, written by Nicolás García Curbelo, about the origin of street names in Güines, please, click here.
Güines by itself Güines and surrounding area (1943)

These maps were originally put together from three sources. The map of Güines itself comes from the map of the town in at tejeratrans.comExternal Page Policy 
(click to see policy and instructions) site; street names, the name and location of buildings, parks, etc., are being provided primarily by C. Mariano Domínguez with lots of help from our compatriots. The information for the surrounding area comes from a 1943 map provided by Allen Morrison (for more information, visit his site “The Tramways of CubaExternal Page Policy 
(click to see policy and instructions)).

Of course, all mistakes are mine, and not to be attributed to the sources, least of all Mariano who in addition to contributing all the invaluable information about Güines, also spends a great deal of time and effort catching and correcting my mistakes (and I keep him plenty busy).