Matt’s (Working) Life History

Matt is in his late forties. He’s been at this computer stuff since 1975, when he graduated with a BS in Math and Computer Science from the University of Illinois, Chicago.

The Early Years

He spent the first five years of his professional life hanging around hospitals.

The Start Ups

By 1980 there was beginning to be some interest in using Unix for something other than plain ole’ research. So, he left the bliss of campus life and started a business Surprise!. Later, he moved to California and went through two more start ups (hint: he’s not a millionaire).

Sun Microsystems

Matt joined Sun Microsystems in 1986. His intentions were to stay for four, oh, maybe five years at Sun and then move on. He stayed for nine years (to the day!).

Imonics West, Per-Sé (neé Medaphis, now GE)

Just to keep his life interesting and his friends confused, Matt moved from the “systems” side to the “applications” side. He went from building systems components (the bicycle kit) to actually putting them together into working, useful systems (the bicycle). That was essentially what happened when he became General Manager of Imonics West, a systems integration company owned by Per-Sé.

And that was quite an education.

Atwork, Medaphis (now GE)

The Imonics West team later merged into Atwork, another Medaphis company, and Matt became General Manager of its Patient Scheduling Division. Atwork was the 800-pound gorilla of Operating Room (OR) scheduling and Nurse scheduling. We had products installed in over 2000 hospitals in the US and in hospitals worldwide.

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In August, 1998, Matt became cofounder of what would become It all started as the JPM Group, an incubator sponsored by NEAExternal Page Policy 
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(click to see policy and instructions). The name of the company came from the initials of the founders: John, Paul and Matt. Not coincidentally, we had worked together as the executive team of Atwork. After investigating many business opportunities, was born as an Application Service Provider (ASP) that provides Access Management solutions to acute care hospitals, ambulatory clinics, physician offices, providers and consumers. introduced web-native technology and a dramatically different business model to healthcare (e.g., we charge by the drink, not zillions of dollars up front). is a different “.com” in that we are fulfilling a real need and we have a solid plan to make a profit. We used to have to apologize for that, but not any more . VCs and corporate investors have put $43M into the business.

Stay tuned ...

PS/ Matt’s happily married (to Ana). They have two boys.