Imonics West

Imonics got started as a consulting group , in Cary, NC. Several of the people who had worked for me in SunExternal Page Policy 
(click to see policy and instructions)'s development center at the Research Triangle had subsequently moved to Imonics. It was through them that I made the connection with Imonics.

The company had some business developing in the Bay Area and no one to manage it. So I signed up and became responsible for the west coast side of the business. The main project we had was to develop a pharmaceutical information system, to model and track the purchases and use of drugs throughout a healthcare institution; our client was one of the top three pharmaceutical distributors in the US.

That project definitely was buzzword compliant: three-tier, CORBA-based, thin clients, RDBMS, model-driven, 100% pure object design (can't get any more pure than SmallTalk, right?).

Imonics was a MedaphisExternal Page Policy 
(click to see policy and instructions) (NASDAQ:MEDA) company. Eventually, Medaphis merged all their systems integration businesses (Imonics, RSSI, and BSG) into one. At about that time, I moved to Atwork.