The Pérez In France!

by Patrick Maillot
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We had the pleasure to receive the Pérez family [in the summer of 1997] and we made sure they saw as much as possible during their short stay with us in beautiful “Le Grillon” [chez Maillot] in Grenoble.
This is the room they stayed in ...Ouch! Who wants to live there! that was in Oct. 1995.
(just kidding!)
Testing our last toy! But first we had to make sure they were clean, and sent them for a good bath in the spa! 

... Looks like they enjoyed it. 

We toured Grenoble, visited the old  town, where the theater shows nice painted walls

We also were greeted by the gargoyles, but no danger as this was a beautiful  day

Hiking to “la Bastille” (a fort atop a mountain north of the city), we enjoyed a great view that can extend to the “Mont Blanc” on good days. We also tried to get rid of one kid but he managed to stick with us. Bummer :-)

Then on a tour to Lyon, we all went to “Fourviere” a recent (around 1870) and impressive by its inside mosaic work basilica with a magnificent view on Lyon.

Don't worry, Matt wouldn't let his older jump like that!
4 pictures glued (kinda) together from the back of the Fourviere Basilica
Our small tour was all walking and metro, so we did a lot of walking. By the end of the day [by midnight], everyone was pretty much wiped out. It was time to say goodbye and Matt, Anita, Julian and Adrian took the train to sunny Spain.  But then Matt decided to visit one last landmark. 

Check out the nifty public facilities we have in France :-)     -->

Matt does France (beats Dave Barry does Japan!)