Lyon and Paris ’97


Views of the Fourviere basilica:
From the valley below At the entrance
The next two are of the façade of the Grenoble Theater. Note that all the “windows,” etc., are actually painted on a flat wall. Kinda like the paintings in downtown Palo Alto, but this is big time.
As I said, everything is painted on a flat wall. If need be, go back and verify that even the relief (above and to the left of the program directory) in the second picture is painted, too.
Next are views of Lyon from a magnificent building called La Bastille. During the French Revolution this building played the equivalent role for Lyon as the original La Bastille did for Paris, and so it was renamed.
A beautiful courtyard. Buildings like these are being restored (and gentrified) around the downtown area.
Views of an amphitheater from the days of Roman Gaul.
It's too bad that this wall didn't all come out better. It, too, is completely covered with a three-dimensional painting. You see a bit of it to the left of the top of the trees.
Other pictures from Lyon.


Notre Dame.
lost his head ...
Arc de Triomph.
We found out that it is required by law for trourists to take many photographs in front of the Eiffel Tower; American tourists have to take even more features. It's the law!
    The image was taken from the reflection of the Eiffel Tower on a puddle.