Latin Extended-A
Ā Ā     Capital A with macron
ā ā     Small a with macron
Ă Ă     Capital A with breve
ă ă     Small a with breve
Ą Ą     Capital A with ogonek
ą ą     Small a with ogonek
Ć Ć     Capital C with acute
ć ć     Small c with acute
Ĉ Ĉ     Capital C with circumflex
ĉ ĉ     Small c with circumflex
Ċ Ċ     Capital C with dot above
ċ ċ     Small c with dot above
Č Č     Capital C with caron
č č     Small c with caron
Ď Ď     Capital D with caron
ď ď     Small d with caron
Đ Đ     Capital D with stroke
đ đ     Small d with stroke
Ē Ē     Capital E with macron
ē ē     Small e with macron
Ĕ Ĕ     Capital E with caron
ĕ ĕ     Small e with caron
Ė Ė     Capital E with dot above
ė ė     Small e with dot above
Ę Ę     Capital E with ogonek
ę ę     Small e with ogonek
Ě Ě     Capital E with caron
ě ě     Small e with caron
Ĝ Ĝ     Capital G with circumflex
ĝ ĝ     Small g with circumflex
Ğ Ğ     Capital G with caron
ğ ğ     Small g with caron
Ġ Ġ     Capital G with dot above
ġ ġ     Small g with dot above
Ģ Ģ     Capital G with cedilla
ģ ģ     Small g with cedilla
Ĥ Ĥ     Capital H with circumflex
ĥ ĥ     Small h with circumflex
Ħ Ħ     Capital H with stroke
ħ ħ     Small h with stroke
Ĩ Ĩ     Capital H with tilde
ĩ ĩ     Small i with tilde
Ī Ī     Capital I with macron
ī ī     Small i with macron
Ĭ Ĭ     Capital I with caron
ĭ ĭ     Small i with caron
Į Į     Capital I with ogonek
į į     Small i with ogonek
İ İ     Capital I with dot above
ı ı ı ı dotless i
IJ IJ IJ IJ Capital IJ ligature
ij ij ij ij Small ij ligature
Ĵ Ĵ     Capital E with circumflex
ĵ ĵ     Small e with circumflex
Ķ Ķ     Capital K with cedilla
ķ ķ     Small k with cedilla
ĸ ĸ     Small kra
Ĺ Ĺ     Capital L with acute
ĺ ĺ     Small l with acute
Ļ Ļ     Capital L with cedilla
ļ ļ     Small l with cedilla
Ľ Ľ     Capital L with caron
ľ ľ     Small l with caron
Ŀ Ŀ     Capital L with middle dot
ŀ ŀ     Small l with middle dot
Ł Ł     Capital L with stroke
ł ł     Small l with stroke
Ń Ń     Capital N with acute
ń ń     Small n with acute
Ņ Ņ     Capital N with cedilla
&#0326 ņ     Small n with cedilla
Ň Ň     Capital N with caron
ň ň     Small n with caron
ʼn ʼn     Small n preceded apostrophe
Ŋ Ŋ     Capital Eng
ŋ ŋ     Small eng
Ō Ō     Capital O with macron
ō ō     Small o with macron
Ŏ Ŏ     Capital O with caron
ŏ ŏ     Small o with caron
Ő Ő     Capital O with double acute
ő ő     Small o with double acute
ΠΠΠΠCapital OE ligature, U+0152 ISOlat2
œ œ œ œ Small oe ligature, U+0153 ISOlat2 (ligature is a misnomer, this is a separate character in some languages)
Ŕ Ŕ     Capital R with acute
ŕ ŕ     Small r with acute
Ŗ Ŗ     Capital R with cedilla
ŗ ŗ     Small r with cedilla
Ř Ř     Capital R with caron
ř ř     Small r with caron
Ś Ś     Capital S with acute
ś ś     Small s with acute
Ŝ Ŝ     Capital S with circumflex
ŝ ŝ     Small s with circumflex
Ş Ş     Capital S with cedilla
ş ş     Small s with cedilla
Š Š Š Š Capital S with caron, U+0160 ISOlat2
š š š š Small s with caron, U+0161 ISOlat2
Ţ Ţ     Capital T with cedilla
ţ ţ     Small t with cedilla
Ť Ť     Capital T with caron
ť ť     Small t with caron
Ŧ Ŧ     Capital T with stroke
ŧ ŧ     Small t with stroke
Ũ Ũ     Capital U with tilde
ũ ũ     Small u with tilde
Ū Ū     Capital U with macron
ū ū     Small u with macron
Ŭ Ŭ     Capital U with caron
ŭ ŭ     Small u with caron
Ů Ů     Capital U with ring
ů ů     Small u with ring
Ű Ű     Capital U with double acute
ű ű     Small u with double acute
Ų Ų     Capital U with ogonek
ų ų     Small u with ogonek
Ŵ Ŵ     Capital W with circumflex
ŵ ŵ     Small w with circumflex
Ŷ Ŷ Ŷ Ŷ Capital Y with circumflex
ŷ ŷ ŷ ŷ Small y with circumflex
Ÿ Ÿ &Ydie; &Ydie; Capital Y with dieresis, U+0178 ISOlat2
Ź Ź Ź Ź Capital Z with acute
ź ź ź ź Small z with acute
Ż Ż Ż Ż Capital Z with dot above
ż ż ż ż Small z with dot above
Ž Ž Ž Ž Capital Z with caron
ž ž ž ž Small z with caron
ſ ſ     Small long s