ʹ ʹ     Numeral sign
͵ ͵     Lower numeral sign
ͺ ͺ     Ypogregammeni
; ;     Question mark
΄ ΄     Tonos
΅ ΅     Dialytika tonos
Ά Ά     Capital Alpha with tonos
· ·     Ano teleia
Έ Έ     Capital Epsilon with tonos
Ή Ή     Capital Eta with tonos
Ί Ί     Capital Iota with tonos
Ό Ό     Capital Omicron with tonos
Ύ Ύ     Capital Upsilon with tonos
Ώ Ώ     Capital Omega with tonos
ΐ ΐ     Small iota with dialytica and tonos
Α Α Α Α Capital Alpha
Β Β Β Β Capital Beta
Γ Γ Γ Γ Capital Gamma
Δ Δ Δ Δ Capital Delta
Ε Ε Ε Ε Capital Epsilon
Ζ Ζ Ζ Ζ Capital Zeta
Η Η Η Η Capital Eta
Θ Θ Θ Θ Capital Theta
Ι Ι Ι Ι Capital Iota
Κ Κ Κ Κ Capital Kappa
Λ Λ Λ Λ Capital Lambda
Μ Μ Μ Μ Capital Mu
Ν Ν Ν Ν Capital Nu
Ξ Ξ Ξ Ξ Capital Xi
Ο Ο Ο Ο Capital Omicron
Π Π Π Π Capital Pi, U+03A0 (Capital Pi is NOT the same character as U+220F, n-ary product sign though the same glyph might be used for both)
Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Capital Rho
Σ Σ Σ Σ Capital Sigma,U+03A3 (Capital Sigma is NOT the same character as U+2211 'n-ary sumation' though the same glyph might be used for both)
Τ Τ Τ Τ Capital Tau
Υ Υ Υ Υ Capital Upsilon
Φ Φ Φ Φ Capital Phi
Χ Χ Χ Χ Capital Chi
Ψ Ψ Ψ Ψ Capital Psi
Ω Ω Ω Ω Capital Omega
α α α α Small alpha
β β β β Small beta
γ γ γ γ Small gamma
δ δ δ δ Small delta
ε ε ε ε Small epsilon
ζ ζ ζ ζ Small zeta
η η η η Small eta
θ θ θ θ Small theta
ι ι ι ι Small iota
κ κ κ κ Small kappa
λ λ λ λ Small lambda
μ μ μ μ Small mu
ν ν ν ν Small nu
ξ ξ ξ ξ Small xi
ο ο ο ο Small omicron
π π π π Small pi
ρ ρ ρ ρ Small rho
ς ς ς ς Small final sigma
σ σ σ σ Small sigma
τ τ τ τ Small tau
υ υ υ υ Small upsilon
φ φ φ φ Small phi
χ χ χ χ Small chi
ψ ψ ψ ψ Small psi
ω ω ω ω Small omega
ϊ ϊ     Small iota with dialytika
ϋ ϋ     Small upsilon with dialytika
ό ό     Small omicron with tonos
ύ ύ     Small upsilon with tonos
ώ ώ     Small omega with tonos
ϐ ϐ     Beta symbol
ϑ ϑ ϑ ϑ Theta symbol
ϒ ϒ ϒ ϒ Upsilon with hook symbol
ϓ ϓ     Upsilon with acute and hook symbol
ϔ ϔ     Upsilon with diaeresis and hook symbol
ϕ ϕ     Phi symbol
ϖ ϖ ϖ ϖ Pi symbol
ϗ ϗ     Kai symbol
Greek: Archaic letters
Ϙ Ϙ     Archaic Koppa
ϙ ϙ     Small archaic koppa
Ϛ Ϛ     Stigma
ϛ ϛ     Small stigma
Ϝ Ϝ     Digamma
ϝ ϝ     Small digamma
Ϟ Ϟ     Koppa
ϟ ϟ     Small koppa
Ϡ Ϡ     Sampi
ϡ ϡ     Small sampi
Greek: Coptic letters derived from Demotic
Ϣ Ϣ     Capital Shei
ϣ ϣ     Small shei
Ϥ Ϥ     Capital Fei
ϥ ϥ     Small fei
Ϧ Ϧ     Capital Khei
ϧ ϧ     Small khei
Ϩ Ϩ     Capital Hori
ϩ ϩ     Small hori
Ϫ Ϫ     Capital Gangia
ϫ ϫ     Small gangia
Ϭ Ϭ     Capital Shima
ϭ ϭ     Small shima
Ϯ Ϯ     Capital Dei
ϯ ϯ     Small dei
Greek: Variant letterforms
ϰ ϰ     Kappa symbol
ϱ ϱ     Rho symbol
ϲ ϲ     Lunate sigma symbol
Greek: Additional letters
ϳ ϳ     Yot
Greek: Variantletterforms and symbols
ϴ ϴ     Capital Theta symbol
ϵ ϵ     Lunae Epsilon symbol
϶ ϶     Reversed Lunate Epsilon symbol
Greek: Additonal archaic letters for Bactrian
Ϸ Ϸ     Capital Rho
ϸ ϸ     Small rho
Greek: Variant letterform
Ϲ Ϲ     Capital lunate sigma symbol
Greek: Archaic letters
Ϻ Ϻ     Capital San
ϻ ϻ     Small san
Greek: Symbol
ϼ ϼ     Rho with stroke symbol
Greek: Editorial symbols
Ͻ Ͻ     Capital reversed lunate sigma symbol
Ͼ Ͼ     Capital dotted lunate sigma symbol
Ͽ Ͽ     Capital reversed dotted lonate sigma symbol