Bring up the Control Panel folder.
Start->Settings->Control Panel
Bring up the Keyboard properties
In the Control Panel folder, double-click on the Keyboard icon
Select the Language tab.
Click on the Language tab
Select a new language layout.
Click on the Add button. The Add Language dialog box pops up
Select Spanish (Traditional Sort) as the new language. Click the OK button
Now you must select a method to switch between the English and Spanish layouts. You can do this directly from your keyboard, by pressing a two-key combination.
Click on the radio buttons to pick one of the Switch languages options: Left Alt+Shift, Ctrl+Shift, or None.
Next you must select whether or not to display the language indicator in the taskbar. The indicator shows En when English is on and Es when Spanish is on.
Click on the checkbox to enable or disable the Enable indicator on taskbar option
You can use the indicator to switch between languages.
Click on the indicator to bring up a menu and select Spanish
Click on the indicator to go back to English
Finally, this is what your keyboard will be like when set to the Spanish layout.
WARNING: The recommended setting is to check either Left Alt+Shift or Ctrl+Shift for your Switch language options and check the Enable indicator on taskbar option. If you select None as your Switch languages option and you uncheck the Enable indicator on taskbar checkbox, then you'll still be able to switch language layouts, but it will be very cumbersome.
With the recommended settings, you will be able to switch from one language layout to another simply by pressing the two-key combination or by selecting from the taskbar indicator menu.