Space Industy History - Growth, Consolidation, Entrants, and Vehicles

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I finally added the early mergers section. Yes. I know I don't have all the aerospace companies, but as I get more I'll put more. As always, if you see any errors or have any information that makes this graph better, please do email me. Next on the list is the new entrants. And after that maybe the European companies. Thanks for everyone's input. I've also added more resources at the bottom of the page.

I've gotten a bunch of advice and sources from people. And I'd like to say thanks to all of them. Now its just a matter of figuring out which parts to put in first. I think I will first try and put an early mergers section, which will show some of the very early mergers, like Martin-Marietta and Curtis-Wright. Then I may go on to tackle the European company mergers if I can find some good sources. Thanks again for everyone's input.

This page is going to be linked to at HobbySpace! I'd like to thank Clarke Lindsey for the link. HobbySpace has an excellent account of current space events, and a comprehensive collection of space industry information.

9.23.03 (Later in the day):
Hah. I figured out the problem. There is now a "return to main" button. : )

Okay!. All of the main aerospace companies are done. Took long enough Adrian! Oh well. Now I'll be integrating information, vehicle information and site links. Also I have to add the entrants, which is a graph that would be original to some extent. But right now I'm going to celebrate this level of completeness. Agrh! I just remembered that the main menu button doesn't work. Well, reload the page for now. Sorry.

Just finished the Lockheed Consolidation History. The "return to main" button doesn't work, but I can't figure out how to fix it (It will work later). The other large contractors and entrants will be completed in the next few days. Then its on to the visual history of spacecraft and biographies. I'm debating whether to remove the non-launch companies so that a more exclusively space-oriented project is formulated, even though the other companies generate many space systems. Focus will develop as I have more content to swim through.


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